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Autumn on the Jager farm

Autumn is considered as the most beautiful season in our region because the nature is depicted in wonderful colors: from red to ochre. The sky is bluer than ever and for this reason you can have a marvelous sight which wouldn’t be possible in any other season.

The Summer has gone and therefore with flower wreath decorated cows and calves return from the mountain pastures. They are conducted to the village meadows from where you can hear their bells ringing.

Autumn means also “Törgelen”. This is a local tradition: in little restaurants and trattorias you can have dinner with local specialties, new and fresh wine all together with live traditional music.

Moreover it is a wonderful time to wander, to stroll around in the small towns not faraway from our farm. In this manner you can delight yourself with the great colors of the nature, with tranquility and finish than the day with a nice “Törgelen” evening by a glass of wine.
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