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Springtime at the Jager farm

The days are getting longer and the nature wakes up, all starts to grow and to flower. You may enjoy a fabulous sight: the mountain heights still covered with snow whereas the fields are getting green and the grass starts to grow. Indeed, the meadows around our house are assuming a yellow color due to a kind of flower which grows there.

You can take long walks through the awaking nature. For instance, the lake of Varna is a place which you should visit!

Trekking, Nordic Walking, going by bicycle or mountain bike, horse riding, playing golf, rafting and paragliding are only a few examples of the activities that you can practice during your holyday on our farm. Starting from the end of May the cableway to the Monte Cavallo is open and so you can get in an easy and comfortable way up to a plateau of 2000 m from where you can admire the above valley. There your children can visit little animals such as rabbits.

During the spring time you can relax more than in any other season. There are many opportunities of marvelous walks and strolls. There are also a lot of cultural and culinary events (museums, spring time concerts and culinary weeks with typical local dishes. …).
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