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The history of our farm

Our farm was officially registered for the first time in 1435 which means that our roots date back to over 570 years. At that time our farm was called „Pörzengut“.

The name „Jager“ goes back to 1775. The owner, Mr. Jakob Bacher, was known as a hunter of the „Brunnenleiten“ (Jäger in German means hunter). Nowadays nobody of the family is interested in hunting.

Since about 20 years nobody lives the old farm house. In the 60ties a part of the old house had been renovated, but the work has never been completed. For this reason there are parts of the house in a very old style: brickwork in stone and with vaults. There is even an open fireplace and the wall is colored in black due to the smoke. This fireplace must have been build some hundred years ago! In this way you may feel catapulted back in ancient times.

In 2004 the farmer Josef has taken over the lead of the farm and in 2005 he initiated the construction of a new house with some apartments. The house was finished in 2006.

The stable was renovated in 2011 and 2012.

The old farmer house will remain but some future restructuring is also foreseen.
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